Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Connors first Piano lesson

Well maybe it wasn't quite a lesson and more just banging on the keys. Regardless they sure are cute pictures!!

Steph and Brandon are here

It has been so much fun the last few weeks to have Stephanie and Brandon come down from Idaho. Connor loves them both so much!!! Every time Brandon holds him he just cuddles right up to him. Now if any of you have ever held Connor, he is not a snuggler. But he has grown quite fond of Brandon and just lets him hold for so long. I love having them here not only because they help me so much with Connor but because we have done so many fun things with the whole family. Going to beach, pool days, the movies, and of course are favorite going out to eat. I wish they could stay forever but soon enough they will be out of Idaho and back where they belong.
Connor is doing really well. I am counting down the Sundays til he is in nursery. He loves playing outside. His favorite thing is to go on walks with my mom. As soon as mom says, "Connor you wanna go on a walk" he finds his shoes and sits down for me to put them on and than races to the door. I love that he understands almost everything I saw to him. Well almost everything of course he has no idea what NO means!!! He gets into so my mischief. But what baby doesn't. I start school this coming Monday and I am so excited. Not to have to do all the homework, but excited for the process to start. The sooner I start the sooner I finish.