Sunday, February 27, 2011


So I bought a pair of Jeans a month or so before I found out I got pregnant with Connor. When I bought them they fit but I had the intention of losing a few pounds to make them fit perfect. Well that never happened and than I got pregnant, so those AMAZING jeans have been staring me down for years now.
When I started this diet those were the goal jeans. They didn't even come close to fitting. I am happy to say that I can get them on and button them. Now I'm not saying they look good at all in fact it looks like a chubby girl trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans. But none the less they button!!!! Which means more than losing weight I can actually start to really see changes in my waist size! So here we go ready to start another week of this. I feel more motivated than ever!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So this Last Monday marked 4 weeks that I have been dieting. I just got to the point where I was so unhappy with how I looked that I felt desperate. Not that I think appearance is everything but I do want to be happy and have some pride when it comes to my weight. I have never been skinny in my life and that's fine I don't really care if I am nor do I want to be. I LOVE food. There in lies the problem. I'm not an emotional eater or stressed out eater, I'm just an eater.
About 7 years ago my Uncle Larry started a biggest loser club and I joined and ended up winning. I started at about the same weight as I started this time and my goal weight is pretty close to where I ended last time. I was able to keep that weight off and even lose a little bit more before I got married. I kept that weight off all the way up until I got pregnant. From than on I just could never get the weight off. Getting back into my pre pregnancy clothes was just a joke. But Like I said 1 month I ago I had a day where my mind was just finally in the right place to do it.
My first thought was medi fast and after discovering how disgusting the food was and how extremely expensive it was I switched plans and am doing slim fast. I am only weighing myself every two weeks because I tend to get a little crazy with the scale and weighing myself like 20 times a day. So I threw the scale in the trash can and I only weight myself at my moms.
To me I think its funny when people freak out about telling how much they weigh. Its just a number and really who the heck cares??? So for me 4 weeks ago my starting weight was 187.4 and now 4 weeks later I am 168!!! I am really really proud of myself.
So here"s to another 2 weeks and my goal is to either be out of the 160 or really close.