Thursday, February 18, 2010


For Valentines day Jared and I went to BJ's for lunch. I am really working hard to eat healthy and lose this weight. It's really hard when you have a husband who is skinny and stays that way by eating everything he wants. I hate him!! Maybe more jealous. But still, anyone who knows how Jared eats knows his diet consists of peanut butter, cookies, cake, in-n-out, albertacos and MILK!! Its just not fair!! Here is a perfect example of how hard I try to eat healthy and cant get skinny and Jared eats like crap and stays skinny!! I had an Asian Salad with no dressing and he had an open face Angus chili cheese burger with fries dipped in ranch dressing.

sea world

We were so lucky to have Jared's dad and Margie took us to Sea World on Monday. Its buy a day get the year free so Jared and Connor got that and they were so nice and bought me the next package up, which is a two year pass and includes parking and discounts on food and additional tickets!!! Its weird to think that when that expires I will have an almost 4 year old.
Well my almost 2 year old did GREAT!!! I was really worried that he was going to have a hard time sense I have a hard time taking him to the grocery store. He only had a few moments of unhappiness and the rest of the time he was great!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Twin Cousins

There is nothing better than getting to snuggle these two boys while watching Bob the Builder.!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The goal

I am on a diet and I am sticking to it!!! I started this week and I am doing great!!! I am ready to see some of those pre-baby clothes fit again. In the past I have always needed a reason to lose weight but this time it's just because I want to feel better about myself. I put this picture up because this is the goal. This is just a few months before I got pregnant with Connor. I was so comfortable at this weight. I don't ever want to be "skinny" I just want to feel good in clothes and actually find clothes that fit.

Could you have a better Valentine??

I was just looking threw my pictures and I realized how lucky I am to have such a cute little boy to be my Valentine. Of course I love Jared, and he will always be my Valentine, but I'm pretty lucky to have this little guy too!!! Sense Valentines is on a Sunday this year and Jared has to work, it will just be me and Connor. I think we will have macaroni and cheese for dinner followed by the 20th anniversary Barney DVD special. I can't wait!!