Monday, December 28, 2009

update anyone??

Connor in his christmas jammies
Me and Connor on Christmas Eve
Lukey and Connor
Sweet Bradlie and Connor sharing there first kiss

I hate when I do this to myself. I get so behind on blogging and that I don't know where to start. We had a wonderful Holiday Season. Connor was spoiled beyond compare and Jared and I made out pretty good too. I had to go through all of Connors toys and clean out the "baby" toys to make room for the "big boy" toys. His room is exploding with new cars a bike and cozy cope. He got lots of books and DVDs and a whole new wardrobe. I finally got a new camera, lots of clothes 2 new purses. Jared finally got his Laker jersey, Brooklyn Dodgers hat, Lost season 5 and the new NFL2K10. The gifts are so great but the best part is spending so much time with Family. We were able to spend lots of time with my sister Stephanie and her husband Brandon who came down from Idaho for two weeks. Its been so nice to have all the help with Connor. Sarah and Klaus have been staying with us for the last few days which has been so amazing. I call Sarah my nanny because she just takes over all of the Connor duties. She is so ready to be a mommy and is going to be such a natural.
Her is an update on everyone
Jared: He is working two jobs right now. So he goes at 7:00 in the morning and doesn't get home til 11:30 at night. He just interviewed for the lead position at Tri-City and seems very hopeful. He is such a great daddy and husband!!
ME: I finished my first semester of school and not to brag but I got a 4.0!!! It gave me confidence that I can really do school and be a mommy.
Connor: He is definitely in the terrible twos. He gives me a run for my money everyday. He is all BOY. Which is making my OCD go crazy but im trying. We are working on talking but he doesn't really say too many words. Don't get me wrong he is very very vocal just not anything I can understand. He can throw a ball like no ones business which of course makes Jared sooo happy. He is amazing and wonderful and the love of my life.
2009 has been an amazing fun and hard year. We are looking forward to 2010 and spending time with the people that make us the happiest.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

You have to be kidding me!!!

You look at this picture and say, "oh what a sweet clean baby boy." But you all missed before this when we were having a yummy lunch at Rubys and Connor decided to pour his whole chocolate shake all over himself. I swear I turned for 1 second but it was to late. When I looked back he was covered in it. From head to toe. I wish I had my camera because now it seems funny. At the time it was HORRIBLE. Oh well lesson learned Connor is not old enough for his own shake. None the less, have you seen a cutter boy???

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tis the Season

Halloween is said and done now bring on the Christmas music!!! I love Christmas time. There is nothing better than walking into Costco and seeing all the decorations and toys, It just puts me in a good mood. You start hearing the christmas music being played in the background and all of a sudden you have all the money in the world and you want to buy everything. well at least I do. My nickname around christmas time is Captain Christmas. Very fitting if I do say so myself.
Favorite things about this time of the year
1. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving with my mom.
2. My dads christmas lights. The best you have ever seen.
3. Food
4. Singing christmas songs with all the girls
5. beef stick and egg salad sandwiches.
6. The Wilsons
7. getting together with family
8. Spending christmas eve night at my parents and waking up at 5:00am on christmas morning to open gifts
9. watching mikey open his gifts. I know he is 17 but it is the best thing to watch.
10. This year I am sooo excited to have Connor open his gifts. He is kind of old enough to get excited for new toys!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

connors room

Not connors room but the bean bag chair from his room
This picture is just cute. Connor was deathly afraid of the vacuum until we got him his own.

Playing catch up

So much has happened sense I last posted. The most exciting news is that we moved in to a big apartment!!!! It is so much better. Connor has his own big boy room and we are loving the fact that all of Connor's toys now have a home too.
Connor is amazing!! I can't believe that he is already 18 months old. At his check up he weighed 27 lbs and was 34 inches long. She said that he is perfectly balanced with his weight and height but that he was the size of a two year old. We are working on the talking thing but so far everything is ball and daddy. I found the best park ever and we go there at least once a day sometimes twice. I hated going to the park before I found this one. It is all gated in so Connor cant escape, which is a plus because he is a runner. The best part though is there is no sand and no wood chips. Instead they use this like this bouncy asphalt stuff. Its amazing and so nice to not leave the park all sandy and with wood chips all in your hair. He is super active and keeps me on my toes. He loves Elmo right now and can't get enough of Elmo's world and sesame street. We can't wait for Christmas so we have an excuse to buy all the things he wants and needs.
As for me I am doing great. I am already half way through my semester of school. It is going really well and so far I have A's. Hopefully I can keep that up!!! Jared is doing really well too. He is very excited about the Dodgers right now. He is the biggest dodgers fan and they are doing really well in the play offs. I hope they win because that would make for such a happy husband. He has already reminded me that in a few weeks the lakers start playing again which means basketball, baseball and football will all be on in the Burton house.
He looks like such a big boy in his skull and cross bone jammies

It is kind of a funny picture but he is just such a happy baby
The Burtons

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Connors first Piano lesson

Well maybe it wasn't quite a lesson and more just banging on the keys. Regardless they sure are cute pictures!!

Steph and Brandon are here

It has been so much fun the last few weeks to have Stephanie and Brandon come down from Idaho. Connor loves them both so much!!! Every time Brandon holds him he just cuddles right up to him. Now if any of you have ever held Connor, he is not a snuggler. But he has grown quite fond of Brandon and just lets him hold for so long. I love having them here not only because they help me so much with Connor but because we have done so many fun things with the whole family. Going to beach, pool days, the movies, and of course are favorite going out to eat. I wish they could stay forever but soon enough they will be out of Idaho and back where they belong.
Connor is doing really well. I am counting down the Sundays til he is in nursery. He loves playing outside. His favorite thing is to go on walks with my mom. As soon as mom says, "Connor you wanna go on a walk" he finds his shoes and sits down for me to put them on and than races to the door. I love that he understands almost everything I saw to him. Well almost everything of course he has no idea what NO means!!! He gets into so my mischief. But what baby doesn't. I start school this coming Monday and I am so excited. Not to have to do all the homework, but excited for the process to start. The sooner I start the sooner I finish.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Forgot one

Some how I forgot to add this one in with the last post. I love this picture!!! You can tell how wavy and curly his hair is getting. I LOVE CONNOR!!!

Summer Pictures

This is the most recent one I have to bad its at Calrs Jr.
Connor can now climb up on the couch and loves watching his shows.

Ice Cream Face

Pioneer Picnic. Connor was all about the BBQ corn on the cob!!

Connor some how figure out how to climb in all by himself but couldn't quit figure out how to get out
The only 4Th of July Picture I have
I have been such a slacker lately with blogging. But scroll down and you can find out what we've been up too.

Back to School

So for any of you that don't know this already, we are not moving to Utah. I have such mixed feelings about this. I am the biggest mommas girl in the world. When we moved out of my parents house and down the street I cried. So I don't really know how I thought I was going to be able to move to Utah, but I kind of felt like I could do it. So when things didn't work out it I was way more emotional about it than I thought I would be. It's weird because when you pray about something and ask for things to work out you always add at the end of that, "if that's what we are suppose to do." But than when it doesn't work out, its hard to remember that part.
But honestly I am so excited to be staying in California. Not excited to be paying what it cost to live here, but what can you do.
So on to the next chapter of our life. I have decided to go back to school. Jared and I have gone back and forth on this about a million times. I love Jared with all my heart and he is an amazing dad and husband but him and school don't mix. Now, this was not Jared's idea. He would continue to go to school for as long as it took to finish, but together we have decided that this is the best thing for are family. I am taking advantage of my mother in law being the dean at a community college in Santa Clarita. In 1 day she had me all ready to go in all the classes I wanted. I am going to be taking on-line class for now and continue to do so until I run out of options. I am going to be going for my Business degree in Human resources. As much as I wish I could be a stay at home mom for the rest of my life, I know I am doing what is best for my family. If Jared wasn't so amazing with Connor I could never do it in a million years. He is the most attentive dad in the world. He watches Connor like a Hock. I am taking 9 units this coming fall. My OCD of course says I should be taking way more. But I figure I better start out with that and make sure it all fits into my day. Mommy during the day Student at night. I am really motivated to make this work and balance everything at the same time.
Now for a Connor update: Of course he is still the love of my life and the most crazy insane wonderful boy in the whole world. I always say to him, "I've never meet a baby like you." He has mastered not walking but running. Decided that he no longer rides in the cart but wants to walk. We are working on holding mommies hand and not running away. He is starting to kind of talk. He has his own baby language and will talk to you for minutes. His hair in crazy. I know I should get it cut but there's no way he would sit still. He is almost 16 months but at his 15 month check up he was perfect. Perfect weight, height everything. We are so thankful for all of are family and all that they do to support and help us. Connor is so lucky to have all of his Grandparents so close.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where did June go???

Well I can't believe that it has been a whole month sense I last posted. June flew by so fast which doesn't hurt my feelings because I love the month of July, its my Birthday month!!!! Connor and I have had a lot of fun trying to keep busy this summer. Some of the highlights have been the Zoo with Breanne and her kids, lots of trips to Legoland with the cousins, the park, the pool, and of course are favorite place Costco. Connor and I love to go to Costco. You can get a yogurt and a soda for $2.10 whats better than that. Connor is so BUSY!!!! This has so been the hardest stage so far. I remember my mom telling me last 4th of July that this would be my easiest year with Connor for 4th of july festivities. At the time I thought no way. I have a 3 month old baby, it can only get easier. Gosh was I wrong. There is no way I could take connor this year. The whole time I would just be chasing him around and it would be so hard. So we will be celebrating the 4th in are own way. Still fun but it will be a lot easier for me.

Now for some news. We may be moving. Its not for sure yet, but Jared has applied for a really great job in St. George Utah. His really good friends live there and they were able to give Jared a heads up on a police dispatching position. Jared has already been up to St. George and was able to meet with the Supervisor and really get a feel for the job and the city. He loves it!!! Thanks to Kristin and Jon he had the best experience there and really feels good about everything. Again nothing is for sure yet but it seems like things are going in the right direction. I obviously hate the idea of not living 3 minutes from my mom, but it would be so good for my family. The job pays more than he makes now and has great benefits. The biggest plus is we pay 1140 for are 1 bedroom apartment and in st george we can get a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath home for 900. You do the math, better paying job and cheaper rent. Its hard to not go along with it. I'll keep everyone posted. It seems like if everything works out we will be moving maybe mid August. For the time being Jared is spending all his extra time learning the dispatching codes. I made flash cards for him because there are 100 codes so I actually no them all too. Thanks Kristy and Jon for all of your help with this whole thing!!!!
Here are some pictures from some of are summer fun so far.
Connor at the Zoo
Ben and Connor at Legoland

Connor loves brushing his teeth

And Connor wins!!!

Just a cute one of Connor

Monday, June 1, 2009

ECD (Edward cullen Disorder)

We all know I have OCD, but I have now discovered I have ECD the Edward Cullen Disorder. I am re reading the twilight books and I find myself longing for Edward. Don't get me wrong I love Jared with all of my heart and am a very happily married. But I cant stop myself from being jealous of Bella. I know its all fictional and hes not real and she not real. But oh how I wish it was. To have someone talk to you the way Edward talks to Bella with that much intensity. OMG. Its hard to go back to reality after reading. So i figured if I blogged about it maybe it would make me realize it's a bit goofy, but I'm not sure if it worked. Also seeing the New Moon trailer didn't help either. November cant get her fast enough.
To my fellow twilight crazies I know you know what I'm talking about!!!!! OH EDWARD!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Some pictures from the week

Connor and I both fell in love with the show Glee this week. He watches the same song about 20 times in a row.
Me and Connor at Chilis
He had so much fun playing not eating the wood chips.
Connors 1st sucker. I hate messy things and Connor together. But he had been such a good boy and I knew he would love it.
Luckily he didnt get to sticky but I kept telling myself its ok if he gets messy its ok if he gets messy. Im working on it!!
We had just a normal week. I have really been trying though to take more pictures. So I am pretty happy that I had some photos from the week.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Really Barney

So all of you know I love TV. I am a reality TV junky and cant ditch the goofy teeny bopper shows. So I have been anticipating the day that Connor would actually watch a TV show. I happen to really enjoy the kids shows that are out there. some of them are so cute and pretty educational. One day, by chance Barney was on and that was it, Connor was hooked. He loves it. Me on the other hand, Barney drives me nuts. But when Connor hands you the remote and says baba what can you do. Connor says baba for everything he wants. Thank goodness for DVR we record Barney everyday and end up watching it about 6 times through out the day. I try other shows and he has no interest in them at all. Maybe someday before for now its the purple dinosaur for the Burtons.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fish fun

Jared had the day off today so we decided to go to the Sea Life Aquarium in Carlsbad. Its connected to Lego Land it seemed like a lot of fun. Connor is finally at the age were we can start taking him to places like this. It was a little pricey, but was pretty cool. Connor had a blast just walking all around and following the fishes. It was pretty hard to get any good pictures because Connor was glued to the tanks. It was a great day to go because it wasn't crowded at all, we pretty much had the place to our selves. Connor even got to hold a star fish. He was such a good boy!!!

Getting to play with the star fish
Connor and Mommy in the fish tank
trying to get a picture with daddy but all Connor would do is point at the fishes

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers day

So I like to celebrate any kind of holiday or birthday to the fullest, so my Mothers day started today. It was such a wonderful day!! I was able to go to my brother Mikeys play today Pirates of Penzance. It was so amazing and mikey was awesome. He had tons of solos and really was the star. I was a very proud momma. I know mikey isn't my son but he is my baby boy. Jared stayed home with Connor and I went with my mom. My mom is my best friend so its always fun to do things just me and her. Who doesn't like one on one time with there mommy??? After I was informed that Connor was "freaking out" in the words of Jared, I rushed home. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Connor and shopping. Jared was so sweet to me this year. He got me the new Juicy Couture perfume I love and than let me go pick out a new purse. I have buyers remorse about everything i buy so i typically never get anything for myself. So it was nice to get such nice stuff. I can't believe that this is my second Mothers day already. Last year Connor was only a month old and now this Mothers day he's running everywhere and I mean running. Being a mommy is the greatest hardest thing I could ever be doing with my life and am so grateful I have Connor. He is my whole world. I love that I'm the only one to get him to go to bed. I love that he kisses me out of the blue on his own. I love watching him grow. Needless to say I LOVE CONNOR!!!
Pictures we took tonight
I love the face he is giving me
My perfume and purse from my boys

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tommorow is the day

I have really been putting off losing the rest of my baby weight. Before I got married I worked really hard and lost a bunch of weight and loved and felt sooo good about myself. I mean don't get me wrong I was never a size 2, or will I ever be or care to be. But I just liked where i was at. Once I found out I was pregnant I guess you can say I went a little overboard and ended up gaining too much weight. It didn't help that I had preclampsea and was swollen as can be as well. Once I had Connor I dropped like 30 pounds really easy, due to all the water weight and swelling going down. But I just haven't had the motivation to do anything about the rest of it. I know everyone says tomorrow I'm starting a diet so they can give themselves permission to pig out that night. believe me I do it all the time. But this time its different. Im doing it with my sisters and there's money involved. I guess you can say I'm a little bit competitive. (Breanne if you're reading this you know has anyone ever beaten us at taboo?) I love to win. We all have about the same amount of weight to lose and we are all going on a family vacation at the end of July. So we have the dead line set and the winner gets money. Even if I don't win, but i plan on it, I will just feel so much better about me and finally fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Because we all know I am not going to be pregnant again anytime soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Beach Trip

Now that Connor is walking, which by the way I hate. Well I Guess hate is a strong word. We decided we would let him go walk around on the sand. He loved it!!! Myself on the other hand, I hate the beach. I know, what kind of California girl am I. Its just I hate sand. It gets everywhere and its hard to clean. But i knew Connor would love it. So I put my OCD to the side and we went. If we wouldn't have stopped him he would have ran right into the water. He loves to be in water. Which I am very excited we have a pool for the Summer. Pools I can do, no sand. It was fun though to watch him play in the sand and pick up rocks and try pick up sea weed (I do draw the line there) He was way to distracted to get any good pictures so these were the best of the worst.