Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where did June go???

Well I can't believe that it has been a whole month sense I last posted. June flew by so fast which doesn't hurt my feelings because I love the month of July, its my Birthday month!!!! Connor and I have had a lot of fun trying to keep busy this summer. Some of the highlights have been the Zoo with Breanne and her kids, lots of trips to Legoland with the cousins, the park, the pool, and of course are favorite place Costco. Connor and I love to go to Costco. You can get a yogurt and a soda for $2.10 whats better than that. Connor is so BUSY!!!! This has so been the hardest stage so far. I remember my mom telling me last 4th of July that this would be my easiest year with Connor for 4th of july festivities. At the time I thought no way. I have a 3 month old baby, it can only get easier. Gosh was I wrong. There is no way I could take connor this year. The whole time I would just be chasing him around and it would be so hard. So we will be celebrating the 4th in are own way. Still fun but it will be a lot easier for me.

Now for some news. We may be moving. Its not for sure yet, but Jared has applied for a really great job in St. George Utah. His really good friends live there and they were able to give Jared a heads up on a police dispatching position. Jared has already been up to St. George and was able to meet with the Supervisor and really get a feel for the job and the city. He loves it!!! Thanks to Kristin and Jon he had the best experience there and really feels good about everything. Again nothing is for sure yet but it seems like things are going in the right direction. I obviously hate the idea of not living 3 minutes from my mom, but it would be so good for my family. The job pays more than he makes now and has great benefits. The biggest plus is we pay 1140 for are 1 bedroom apartment and in st george we can get a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath home for 900. You do the math, better paying job and cheaper rent. Its hard to not go along with it. I'll keep everyone posted. It seems like if everything works out we will be moving maybe mid August. For the time being Jared is spending all his extra time learning the dispatching codes. I made flash cards for him because there are 100 codes so I actually no them all too. Thanks Kristy and Jon for all of your help with this whole thing!!!!
Here are some pictures from some of are summer fun so far.
Connor at the Zoo
Ben and Connor at Legoland

Connor loves brushing his teeth

And Connor wins!!!

Just a cute one of Connor

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Amy said...

Yea! I loved the update. The pictures are so cute! I love the pic where Connor has Jared pinned.