Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to School

So for any of you that don't know this already, we are not moving to Utah. I have such mixed feelings about this. I am the biggest mommas girl in the world. When we moved out of my parents house and down the street I cried. So I don't really know how I thought I was going to be able to move to Utah, but I kind of felt like I could do it. So when things didn't work out it I was way more emotional about it than I thought I would be. It's weird because when you pray about something and ask for things to work out you always add at the end of that, "if that's what we are suppose to do." But than when it doesn't work out, its hard to remember that part.
But honestly I am so excited to be staying in California. Not excited to be paying what it cost to live here, but what can you do.
So on to the next chapter of our life. I have decided to go back to school. Jared and I have gone back and forth on this about a million times. I love Jared with all my heart and he is an amazing dad and husband but him and school don't mix. Now, this was not Jared's idea. He would continue to go to school for as long as it took to finish, but together we have decided that this is the best thing for are family. I am taking advantage of my mother in law being the dean at a community college in Santa Clarita. In 1 day she had me all ready to go in all the classes I wanted. I am going to be taking on-line class for now and continue to do so until I run out of options. I am going to be going for my Business degree in Human resources. As much as I wish I could be a stay at home mom for the rest of my life, I know I am doing what is best for my family. If Jared wasn't so amazing with Connor I could never do it in a million years. He is the most attentive dad in the world. He watches Connor like a Hock. I am taking 9 units this coming fall. My OCD of course says I should be taking way more. But I figure I better start out with that and make sure it all fits into my day. Mommy during the day Student at night. I am really motivated to make this work and balance everything at the same time.
Now for a Connor update: Of course he is still the love of my life and the most crazy insane wonderful boy in the whole world. I always say to him, "I've never meet a baby like you." He has mastered not walking but running. Decided that he no longer rides in the cart but wants to walk. We are working on holding mommies hand and not running away. He is starting to kind of talk. He has his own baby language and will talk to you for minutes. His hair in crazy. I know I should get it cut but there's no way he would sit still. He is almost 16 months but at his 15 month check up he was perfect. Perfect weight, height everything. We are so thankful for all of are family and all that they do to support and help us. Connor is so lucky to have all of his Grandparents so close.


Breanne said...

You are going to do so awesome Amanda! You are such a amazing example to me doing what you do for your family.
Love you!

Kristy Lou said...

I hope you love school, it sounds so exciting. I love the updates about Connor too, he is such a cutie. You guys just keep up the good work and you will be blessed. And, just because Utah didn't work right this second doesn't mean it never will. What ever happens, you guys will do great because you love eachother, love your boy, and love the gospel. Good luck at school! :)

Roundy Clan said...

I feel your pain on the Connor not sitting in charts any more. i would bribe Tyler with juice and a 100 calorie pack of cookies or some fruit snacks to get him to sit.