Tuesday, November 2, 2010

long time no blog

It has been so long sense the last time I blogged. So many things have gone on yet I have lacked all desire to blog. But I am back on board. Connor has really started to become a toddler and is no longer my baby. I feel like, fingers crossed we have made it through the terrible twos. The one battle we are facing is that Connor has realized he would much rather sleep in my bed than his. We are now on month 3 of him sleeping in are bed. To be honest, I know Jared hates it, but secretly I LOVE IT!! One day he wont want to sleep in my bed and until than im kind of enjoying it.
Soo some exciting things we have done is cut these lovely locks off. I was so scared and not to sound vane, but Connor got so many complements on his curls. What if they didn't grow back I would never forgive myself.Luckily the hair cut turned out great and it seems like the curls are here to stay!!I really do think the hair cut makes him look older and it is way more manageable!
My bestie Breanne has moved back into town which means a huge bonus for me and connor. We went from seeing them maybe once a month to now a few times a week!!! The kiddos get to play and I get my best friend back. I can honestly say that me and Breanne have been friends for 10 years now and we have never once been in a fight or mad at each other!!! Now we get to see are kids grow up together! Another big bonus is Breanne is an amazing photographer and luckily Connor gets to be her model all the time which means i get AMAZING pictures of Connor all the time. All the pictures on this post are from her.
Breanne recently found a karate class for her little guy and Connor to take. I was so excited to get Connor all signed up and couldn't wait for the first class. Today was the fist class and Connor did really well. He was overly excited to try everything and I really do think with time he could really do well. These are a few photos Breanne got of him today!

The last big thing that has gone on is I started babysitting a now 5 month old little boy from are ward. I started in September and was really nervous about going from 1 to 2 kids. It was quit an adjustment but I can honestly say I think me and Connor have got the hang of it now. He is really a sweet little boy and it has been such a blessing for me to make some money and still be at home with Connor. All and all life is good. Summer is over and now we can move on to the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is going to be so fun this year with Connor due to the fact that he actually gets how great christmas is. I already have a bowl of mint m&ms on my table as im typing this. This holiday season is extra exciting because my sister katie is getting married and my cousin Alexa is getting married. So this means even more family get togethers and fun occasions to wear pretty sweaters to.

Friday, July 23, 2010

a hairy situation....

I think the pictures say it all!

We had Amy and Luke staying with us last week for a few days and while I was gone one day I came home to this. As much as we all love connors curlys we were all curious how long his hair actually was. Now we know=)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A very happy husband

Thank goodness the Lakers won the championship this year for the second time in a row. I love watching the games too, but more so I love watching Jared and my brother Mikey watching the game. At the lakers parade to celebrate the victory, Kobe was wearing an amazing shirt that Jared instantly feel in love with. That whole day I kept watching on line to see when the would release it to buy. See, last year we wernt fast enough and the shirt kobe was wearing sold out in minutes. This year though we were fast enough and both Jared and Mikey got the Black Mamba shirt!!
For any of you that aren't major laker fans Kobe is also known as the "black Mamba"
If they had the shirt in Connors size he would be sporting it off in the picture too!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

He talks....well kind of

can you say softy

So as a mother I don't consider myself to be a stickler when it comes to sweets and treats. Connor typically never pushes it were I feel like I need to say NO to the sweets and lets be honest I love a good treat. However at about 9:30 this morning Connor had a totally meltdown freak out over the drumsticks he saw in the freezer that were left over from Mutual last night. Oh by the way I finally got released from Nursery and now am the Beehive adviser! Well Lets just say Connor Won. I knew that ice cream at 9 in the morning wasnt a good mother move but at the time I didnt care. He was happy and I was able to finish cleaning the kitchen.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Funny faces

This is the look Connor gives me about 20 times a day. He makes it when hes happy, sad and mad so it means whatever you want it to mean. If you could smell through your computer you would smell the best smell in the world. A cute boy fresh out the bath, baby lotion on, hair combed and clean jammies. I know hes not a baby but seriously nothing smells better than Johnsons baby lotion.

Summer time

We have had such a fun week!! We have had some beautiful weather this week and have taken full advantage of it. My dad found the most amazing new park. The playground equipment is state of the art and the best part is the spray zone!! It entertains Connor for so long and the best part is its FREE FUN!! I am excited for all of the new fun stuff Connor will get to do this Summer. Last Summer he was still to little to fully enjoy the perks of living in California in the summer time. His first new thing of the Summer was his very own Rite Aid ice cream cone. He's shared with me before, but this time he got his very own. I put my OCD to the side and he actually did really good with it. My mom sat in the back with him just in case though!! We have gone to the park like everyday this week and on Wednesday we were lucky to have Connor's buddy Erek come with us too!! Im so glad Connor has such a good little buddy from church! Plus I love hanging out with his mamma!! Im so glad that Connor gets to hang out with Erek so much and I get to spend time with EmaLee!! It's nice to have a friend who just gets you. Connor and I were lucky to find you guys!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day

Mothers day is such a great idea. A day were hopefully moms get to sleep in, be served breakfast in bed and be treated like a princess. For me I love Mothers day because I get to have a whole day were i think about how lucky I am to be the momma of this little guy!

My stupid computer wont let me load up another picture but imagine a picture of my mom right here. Mothers day also gives me whole day to think about how lucky I am to have this lady be my momma. I can't even start to express what she means to me. She is the most loving, compassionate, caring, selfless, sassy and beautiful lady I know. I hope someday I can be just like her.
Happy Mothers Day to my Mom, my grandma, Emily, Amy, Kyle, Deanne and all my little mommy friends. I love you all!

My own Mr. Schuester

I love the show GLEE. I guess you could even call me a gleek. One of my reasons for loving it would be the teacher on it Mr. Will Schuester. He is beautiful and of course my main reason for loving him is his voice. If you watch the show you know he typically always wears a button up white shirt with the sleeves rolled, a tie and a vest. When I was getting Connor ready for church I had Will in mind and I think I did a pretty good job. Mr. Schuester is cute, but he has nothing on my Connor.

Flower fields

I thought it would be fun to take Connor to the flower fields in Carlsbad. One of his favorite things to do its smell things. Im not kidding the only way I get him to be good for me at Target is because I tell him we can go smell the candles if he stays in the cart. I know it's a little weird. I was slightly disappointed because you can't really be in the flowers you just walk by them. Which makes sense because obviously if everyone walked through the flowers they would all be dead. But still I had this idea of him being able to run freely smelling and loving the flowers. He still had fun though and he managed to steal one flower. I figured sense it cost 10 bucks to get in, they owed at least one flower!!!

All in all it was a fun experience but from now on we will just look at the flowers as we drive down the road. Its actually cooler to see it from Palomar airport road than to get out and walk around.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Connors Bestie

For some reason in our family we all have a "bestie." It is always one of the adults and than one of the kids that make up a bestie. My bestie is my niece Olivia and my moms bestie is my niece Annie and so on. We even made up a bestie day and all got together and got are bestie a present. Well Connor has definitely chosen his bestie and its my dad. Connor loves his Grandpapa as he calls him!!! Whenever my dad walks in the room, not matter what Connor is doing he stops, runs up to my dad and wraps his arms around him and almost tackles him to the ground. Connor doesn't say to many words but right away he picked up grandpa and even adds a few papas to it.

Vacation at home

Some pictures from last week. Steph and Brandon were down and Jared took the week off work!!I am pretty sure I gained 5 pounds but it was so worth it. We ate out as much as possible, played games, went to the movies and enjoyed all being together. Sense Jared works 2 jobs he leaves at 7:00 am and gets home a little before midnight so to have him home all week long was such a treat!!

sing it baby

Connor's favorite thing to do is play the piano at my mom's house. He is so funny because he has to have the Children's song book up so he can play and passionately belt out all the songs!!!

ELMO or momo as Connor says

All of Connor's little boy dreams came true last week when we went Sea World and ran into this guy!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

the past two years...

For some reason all the pictures went in a weird order but it is still fun to look at all the different stages over the past two years. Connor turned two today and I fully plan on doing a big birthday post but I felt that I had to post something on his actually birthday. Connor is one of a kind and I am so glad he's mine and Jared's too I guess!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got a new car!!!

I love it so much!!! When I got it it had 9 miles on it. Nothing is better than the smell of a new car. It's fun and sporty. I feel so lucky for the great deal that we got. I don't want to toot my own horn but I was an amazing negotiator. I got them to do exactly what I wanted and got the price that I wanted too. It took walking away and having them call later that night to close the deal, but totally worth it. Usually after I buy anything I have instant buyers remorse no matter what it is. But with this car no remorse. I have a cheaper car payment my insurance went down and my gas is going to be way cheaper. You usually don't get bran new and be able to save money but I am!!!

Sarah turned 30!!!

Jared's sister turned 30 a few weeks ago and we had such a fun weekend celebrating with her!!! On friday night we went to Claim Jumper for Dinner and than went to the movies. We saw Remember Me. Way to sad for me but overall still a good movie. Sunday Jared's mom and Carl came down and we surprised Sarah with a 7:00 am wake up call for breakfast at Mimis. We all went in jamiies and no make up. Sarah was forced to wear birthday crown and pin. It was such a fun weekend!!!