Friday, April 23, 2010

Connors Bestie

For some reason in our family we all have a "bestie." It is always one of the adults and than one of the kids that make up a bestie. My bestie is my niece Olivia and my moms bestie is my niece Annie and so on. We even made up a bestie day and all got together and got are bestie a present. Well Connor has definitely chosen his bestie and its my dad. Connor loves his Grandpapa as he calls him!!! Whenever my dad walks in the room, not matter what Connor is doing he stops, runs up to my dad and wraps his arms around him and almost tackles him to the ground. Connor doesn't say to many words but right away he picked up grandpa and even adds a few papas to it.


Steph and Brandon said...

I love these two besties!! Con definitely loves his Grandpapa!!

Amy said...

I love all the new pictures! Connor does love dad soooo much! I've always said they have a special bond. Connor's so lucky he got to meet Elmo and Zoey!