Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Buddies

Seriously we didnt pose them, this is how they sat in the stroller
There new shoes they got from Target
Grammy and her boys

We had the best day yesterday Jared, me, my mom and Connor left at 5:45 in the morning to go see Amy and her boys in South Pasadena. Connor and Lucky are best buddies and now play so well together. We were so lucky we didn't hit any traffic at all!!! Which for LA is amazing!!! I guess I can contribute that to Jared and his "style" of driving. FAST!!! Amy has the most baby friendly house you could think of. It was so nice to be able to just let Connor play and not have to worry that he is going to brake something. They also happen to have some of the coolest toys around. After playing all morning we went on a tour of the town. My favorite movie of all time is Father of the Bride and the house in the movie is like 5 minutes from where she lives. As soon as we pulled up i couldn't help but start humming the music from the movie. It is such a beautiful house!!! Than we were off to Target, my favorite place to go. And wouldn't you know it, there target is huge and two stories. Could it get any better? We ended the day playing at the cutest place called Amy's Playground. It was so much fun for Connor. He is really starting to walk well this week and it was fun to watch him play and do things on his own now. We had such a wonderful day and cant wait to come up and play again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is It Sunday already????

I guess the saying is true, "time flies when your having fun." It has been such a wonderful week. I wish we just had so much money that Jared would never have to work. I know not reality, but its fun to dream. Like stupid people who have reality shows and all they have to do is go to lunch do some shopping and well that's about it.
On to some happier news. Jared and my whole family love the Lakers. If they don't win a game I am left with a very Moody and unpleasant husband. Thank goodness the have had a great season and and number 1 going into the playoffs. Today was the first game of the playoffs against Utah and luckily the Lakers won by 13!!!!! Lakers winning = happy husband!!! As soon as we got home from church the boys had to put there laker garb on.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and vacation time!!!

Connors cute Easter outfit from Grandma Rio
Connor wasn't so sure about the Easter egg hunt
Connor with daddys cool shades

Stephy and Connor
We are so lucky right now. Stephanie and Brandon were able to come home for Spring break and Easter. The best part is is that Jared got to take some time off of work and is off the whole time they are here. He has 10 days in total off!!!!! It has been so nice to have him home. The extra help with Connor has been so nice. I love when Stephanie comes because she just loves Connor and takes every opportunity to take him. So between her and Jared i have gotten so much extra time to myself. We aren't doing anything amazing just enjoying the time off. Jared is trying to catch up on all the movies he has missed this year sense having Connor. He has been to the movies twice, so far, and rented 4 movies. My family just loves eating yummy food and hanging out. That's are kind of vacation!!!
Easter was so nice. We went to my sister Emily's house. The food was so yummy and of course i ate way to much. I love having such a big family. It makes all Holidays so fun!!! I am going to be so sad when Steph and Brandon go home and Jared has to go back to work. But I'm not thinking about that, I am just going to enjoy the rest of the week and not think about that til Sunday night!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bed Time and the Kitchen skin

So me and Connor have a great bedtime routine. He knows exactly what is happening when we start picking up all the toys and getting out PJS. For some reason today Connor got extra dirty. Now I'm very OCD about Connor staying clean. He never has anything on his face, no dirt under his nails, clean outfit and so on. To most he probably looked fine but to me I just couldn't Put him to bed in his condition. Sense baths are not something we do at night time, I was worried that it would confuse him. Connor loves to play with the water from the kitchen sink, so as i was washing out bottles I decided I would just wash him too. He loved it!!! It worked out perfect. I got him all clean with out having to go through the hassle of bath and he was all clean and ready for bed.

Now onto Connor and sleeping. We finally made it through the tough nights of crying him self to sleep. Now i just give him kisses and lay him down and he falls asleep!!! It took 9 days for him to figure it out. I am so glad that I did it. It is the best feeling to know that Connor sleeps through the night!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Connor's photo shoot

I was so excited when I checked the mail on Wednesday and my CD from Mariah was there. She was such an amazing photographer. She really was able to capture Connor just as he is. I don't know if its just me, but i was so nervous that Connor was going to be having an off day and we just wouldn't get any good shoots. But everything turned out amazing. I love them all so much!!! Thanks again Mariah.
On to some more exciting news my baby turns 1 tomorrow. All day i have been thinking about a year ago today. I had a horrible labor experience. It is still very fresh in my mind. But i just cant believe how blessed i am to have Connor. I'm the first to admit that motherhood was the most shocking thing to me. I thought i was so ready to have a baby. But I had no idea what I was doing. Being a mom is hard work. Its unlike anything you have ever done. Until you're a mom you just don't know. I survived the year thanks to my mom. She taught me how to be a mom. Connor is so amazing and cracks me up everyday. He is unlike any baby i have ever been around. I love him so much and cant wait til he can run around and talk.
Here are some of my favorites from mariah.