Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and vacation time!!!

Connors cute Easter outfit from Grandma Rio
Connor wasn't so sure about the Easter egg hunt
Connor with daddys cool shades

Stephy and Connor
We are so lucky right now. Stephanie and Brandon were able to come home for Spring break and Easter. The best part is is that Jared got to take some time off of work and is off the whole time they are here. He has 10 days in total off!!!!! It has been so nice to have him home. The extra help with Connor has been so nice. I love when Stephanie comes because she just loves Connor and takes every opportunity to take him. So between her and Jared i have gotten so much extra time to myself. We aren't doing anything amazing just enjoying the time off. Jared is trying to catch up on all the movies he has missed this year sense having Connor. He has been to the movies twice, so far, and rented 4 movies. My family just loves eating yummy food and hanging out. That's are kind of vacation!!!
Easter was so nice. We went to my sister Emily's house. The food was so yummy and of course i ate way to much. I love having such a big family. It makes all Holidays so fun!!! I am going to be so sad when Steph and Brandon go home and Jared has to go back to work. But I'm not thinking about that, I am just going to enjoy the rest of the week and not think about that til Sunday night!!

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Amy said...

Love your post! When Jared goes back to work, come and visit us!!!!!!