Monday, April 6, 2009

Bed Time and the Kitchen skin

So me and Connor have a great bedtime routine. He knows exactly what is happening when we start picking up all the toys and getting out PJS. For some reason today Connor got extra dirty. Now I'm very OCD about Connor staying clean. He never has anything on his face, no dirt under his nails, clean outfit and so on. To most he probably looked fine but to me I just couldn't Put him to bed in his condition. Sense baths are not something we do at night time, I was worried that it would confuse him. Connor loves to play with the water from the kitchen sink, so as i was washing out bottles I decided I would just wash him too. He loved it!!! It worked out perfect. I got him all clean with out having to go through the hassle of bath and he was all clean and ready for bed.

Now onto Connor and sleeping. We finally made it through the tough nights of crying him self to sleep. Now i just give him kisses and lay him down and he falls asleep!!! It took 9 days for him to figure it out. I am so glad that I did it. It is the best feeling to know that Connor sleeps through the night!!!!


Roundy Clan said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I am so happy I can stalk you guys now. ;) I have been meaning to call Jared and get your address...will you send it to me on myspace or something? I wanted to send you guys a birth announcement for Kayla. I can't believe Connor is 1!!!!

Amy said...

Sink baths are the best! Your blog is so cute!