Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is It Sunday already????

I guess the saying is true, "time flies when your having fun." It has been such a wonderful week. I wish we just had so much money that Jared would never have to work. I know not reality, but its fun to dream. Like stupid people who have reality shows and all they have to do is go to lunch do some shopping and well that's about it.
On to some happier news. Jared and my whole family love the Lakers. If they don't win a game I am left with a very Moody and unpleasant husband. Thank goodness the have had a great season and and number 1 going into the playoffs. Today was the first game of the playoffs against Utah and luckily the Lakers won by 13!!!!! Lakers winning = happy husband!!! As soon as we got home from church the boys had to put there laker garb on.


Steph and Brandon said...

I love Connor's Laker gear, the kid has good style! I miss mine and Connor's carpet wrestling/play time. You better come see me soon or better yet move here!!!!

Amy said...

Your boys are so cute! Your family would make a great reality show--it would have spunk, humor, whit, and lots of LOVE!

Reese Dixon said...

Here's my blog:

So excited to see you tonight!