Monday, March 30, 2009

The party

Saturday was so much fun!! We had an amazing time throwing Connor and Luke's 1st birthday party. By the time we invited all of are friends and family it turned into an extravaganza. I love having such a big family on both mine and Jared's side. Its also so wonderful because everyone gets along so well with each other.
Amy was in charge of all the decorations (which were amazing) and activities for all the kids which included, face painting, decorating crowns and a pinata. I was in charge of the the luncheon. It was actually fun to go shop and actually have an excuse to use my kitchen. Sense Jared usually isn't home for dinner i typically don't cook.
I fell so blessed that Amy and i had Luke and Connor on the same day. It keeps them connected for there whole lives.
It was such an amazing day and we are so lucky to have such great and amazing family and friends.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures and play time

It was such a nice day today. First off, Jared had the day off, it was such a beautiful day and we got to hang out with friends. Who could ask for a better day.
We started the day out with Connors pictures. We were so lucky to have Mariah take pictures of Connor. She is so amazing and I cant wait to see them.
Than sense we were already down in La Jolla we went over to Breanne and Steve's. I was so lucky, I got to just hold Malia and she fell asleep on by shoulder. After we visited for awhile we all went to this amazing new play area. It was so cool and I cant wait til Connor is a tiny bit older so he can truely enjoy everything.
It was such a nice day, and now Jared is going to watch twilight with me.
PS Connor only cried for like 5 minutes tonight!!!!!! I cant tell you how happy i am i finally did it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

So for the past two months Connor's sleeping habits have been horiable. Some nights he would wake up once or twice, and than some nights, like last night, he decided he was just going to be up for like 3 hrs.
Everyone was telling me that I just had to have him cry himself to sleep. I never thought I could do it. But tonight i reached my breaking point and I did it!!! He cried for 13 minutes. I know because i just stared at the clock. It was so hard but i feel so good about it. I know thats what i needed to do. Hopefully it wont be to hard of a night. My goal is by his birthday party on Saturday that he will be slepping through the night!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

two days in a row

So yes its true im blogging again. I just had to express how excited i am for Twilight to come out. I know that i should'nt be in love with a fictional charcter, but i am. I need an Edward fix. For those of you who know me, you know im not a reader. But once i got my hands on twilight, i couldnt stop. I loved all four books and recommened them to anyone whos anyone. For anyone who hasnt read the books yet, dont warch the movie first. As much as i loved the movie, nothing compares to how amazing the book is. So if you havent read it DO IT!!!
Peace out

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I swear I reallly want to blog

I cant believe how much time has passed sense i last posted. So much has changed. First off Connor will be one next month. I cant even believe how fast the year has gone by. He keeps me very busy and always on my toes. Here is the low down on where he is at. He took his first couple of steps just this week!!!!! He hates to be held even when he's sad. What can i say he's a boy on the run. He still doesnt quit sleep through the night but we're getting better with that. He can say mama and dada and loves to give kisses to everyone. He is overly active or like what my mom says "busy" his nickname is Monkey. He loves the pots and pans and everything that makes noise. He is ALL BOY!!

Amy and I are planning the boys 1st birthday party. Its going to be quit the event and were both having fun planning. Its a prince theme party complete with sheilds, swords and dragons. Amy is so creative it is going to be amazing. Pictures to come.