Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures and play time

It was such a nice day today. First off, Jared had the day off, it was such a beautiful day and we got to hang out with friends. Who could ask for a better day.
We started the day out with Connors pictures. We were so lucky to have Mariah take pictures of Connor. She is so amazing and I cant wait to see them.
Than sense we were already down in La Jolla we went over to Breanne and Steve's. I was so lucky, I got to just hold Malia and she fell asleep on by shoulder. After we visited for awhile we all went to this amazing new play area. It was so cool and I cant wait til Connor is a tiny bit older so he can truely enjoy everything.
It was such a nice day, and now Jared is going to watch twilight with me.
PS Connor only cried for like 5 minutes tonight!!!!!! I cant tell you how happy i am i finally did it.

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