Thursday, March 19, 2009

I swear I reallly want to blog

I cant believe how much time has passed sense i last posted. So much has changed. First off Connor will be one next month. I cant even believe how fast the year has gone by. He keeps me very busy and always on my toes. Here is the low down on where he is at. He took his first couple of steps just this week!!!!! He hates to be held even when he's sad. What can i say he's a boy on the run. He still doesnt quit sleep through the night but we're getting better with that. He can say mama and dada and loves to give kisses to everyone. He is overly active or like what my mom says "busy" his nickname is Monkey. He loves the pots and pans and everything that makes noise. He is ALL BOY!!

Amy and I are planning the boys 1st birthday party. Its going to be quit the event and were both having fun planning. Its a prince theme party complete with sheilds, swords and dragons. Amy is so creative it is going to be amazing. Pictures to come.

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