Sunday, November 2, 2008

Animal fun

This being the twin cousins first Halloween, we felt it necessary that they were some what alike. So after we found the giraffe costome for Connor Amy went and found the lion for Luke. It was such a fun day. Jared took the day off so he could be apart of all the festivities. We had all the cousins here and thanks to Amy they all got to participate in Halloween bingo a matching game and the grand finale, the Larson hunted house. Connor has been sick this whole week, so as soon as we took all the pictures he was done. So no trick or treating for us. We stayed here and passed out all the candy.
Not that I didn't love Halloween, but I'm glad its over because to me it is now officially CHRISTMAS!!!! I know I start a bit early but I cant help it!!!!


alex said...

I feel the same way about Christmas!! yay! i'm totally ready for it! by the way - ADORABLE costume!! how cute!!

Amy said...

Is Connor feeling better now? We're still working on catching up with his crawling skills!