Tuesday, November 2, 2010

long time no blog

It has been so long sense the last time I blogged. So many things have gone on yet I have lacked all desire to blog. But I am back on board. Connor has really started to become a toddler and is no longer my baby. I feel like, fingers crossed we have made it through the terrible twos. The one battle we are facing is that Connor has realized he would much rather sleep in my bed than his. We are now on month 3 of him sleeping in are bed. To be honest, I know Jared hates it, but secretly I LOVE IT!! One day he wont want to sleep in my bed and until than im kind of enjoying it.
Soo some exciting things we have done is cut these lovely locks off. I was so scared and not to sound vane, but Connor got so many complements on his curls. What if they didn't grow back I would never forgive myself.Luckily the hair cut turned out great and it seems like the curls are here to stay!!I really do think the hair cut makes him look older and it is way more manageable!
My bestie Breanne has moved back into town which means a huge bonus for me and connor. We went from seeing them maybe once a month to now a few times a week!!! The kiddos get to play and I get my best friend back. I can honestly say that me and Breanne have been friends for 10 years now and we have never once been in a fight or mad at each other!!! Now we get to see are kids grow up together! Another big bonus is Breanne is an amazing photographer and luckily Connor gets to be her model all the time which means i get AMAZING pictures of Connor all the time. All the pictures on this post are from her.
Breanne recently found a karate class for her little guy and Connor to take. I was so excited to get Connor all signed up and couldn't wait for the first class. Today was the fist class and Connor did really well. He was overly excited to try everything and I really do think with time he could really do well. These are a few photos Breanne got of him today!

The last big thing that has gone on is I started babysitting a now 5 month old little boy from are ward. I started in September and was really nervous about going from 1 to 2 kids. It was quit an adjustment but I can honestly say I think me and Connor have got the hang of it now. He is really a sweet little boy and it has been such a blessing for me to make some money and still be at home with Connor. All and all life is good. Summer is over and now we can move on to the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is going to be so fun this year with Connor due to the fact that he actually gets how great christmas is. I already have a bowl of mint m&ms on my table as im typing this. This holiday season is extra exciting because my sister katie is getting married and my cousin Alexa is getting married. So this means even more family get togethers and fun occasions to wear pretty sweaters to.