Friday, March 20, 2009

two days in a row

So yes its true im blogging again. I just had to express how excited i am for Twilight to come out. I know that i should'nt be in love with a fictional charcter, but i am. I need an Edward fix. For those of you who know me, you know im not a reader. But once i got my hands on twilight, i couldnt stop. I loved all four books and recommened them to anyone whos anyone. For anyone who hasnt read the books yet, dont warch the movie first. As much as i loved the movie, nothing compares to how amazing the book is. So if you havent read it DO IT!!!
Peace out

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kailiaelf said...

Hey Amanda it's Cari Pearson! I'm glad you really liked the books. We saw the movie first and then we read the books, and it was neat to see the difference in how you view them. I don't think it's required to read them first, but you just see what certain little quirks mean and stuff. Amazing books. I loved them and I can't wait for New Moon!