Monday, March 30, 2009

The party

Saturday was so much fun!! We had an amazing time throwing Connor and Luke's 1st birthday party. By the time we invited all of are friends and family it turned into an extravaganza. I love having such a big family on both mine and Jared's side. Its also so wonderful because everyone gets along so well with each other.
Amy was in charge of all the decorations (which were amazing) and activities for all the kids which included, face painting, decorating crowns and a pinata. I was in charge of the the luncheon. It was actually fun to go shop and actually have an excuse to use my kitchen. Sense Jared usually isn't home for dinner i typically don't cook.
I fell so blessed that Amy and i had Luke and Connor on the same day. It keeps them connected for there whole lives.
It was such an amazing day and we are so lucky to have such great and amazing family and friends.

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Amy said...

Oh Amanda, you're so sweet! I am so glad that Connor and Luke are twin cousins!!! I'm so glad you're blogging!