Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flower fields

I thought it would be fun to take Connor to the flower fields in Carlsbad. One of his favorite things to do its smell things. Im not kidding the only way I get him to be good for me at Target is because I tell him we can go smell the candles if he stays in the cart. I know it's a little weird. I was slightly disappointed because you can't really be in the flowers you just walk by them. Which makes sense because obviously if everyone walked through the flowers they would all be dead. But still I had this idea of him being able to run freely smelling and loving the flowers. He still had fun though and he managed to steal one flower. I figured sense it cost 10 bucks to get in, they owed at least one flower!!!

All in all it was a fun experience but from now on we will just look at the flowers as we drive down the road. Its actually cooler to see it from Palomar airport road than to get out and walk around.

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Steph and Brandon said...

Looks like fun!! He surely loves to smell things, he is one of a kind!!