Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day

Mothers day is such a great idea. A day were hopefully moms get to sleep in, be served breakfast in bed and be treated like a princess. For me I love Mothers day because I get to have a whole day were i think about how lucky I am to be the momma of this little guy!

My stupid computer wont let me load up another picture but imagine a picture of my mom right here. Mothers day also gives me whole day to think about how lucky I am to have this lady be my momma. I can't even start to express what she means to me. She is the most loving, compassionate, caring, selfless, sassy and beautiful lady I know. I hope someday I can be just like her.
Happy Mothers Day to my Mom, my grandma, Emily, Amy, Kyle, Deanne and all my little mommy friends. I love you all!


Kristy Lou said...

Happy Mothers Day!!

Mike Cazanave said...

Hi Manda! I love your blog and all of Conner's photos! Those were the sweetest comments about mamma!

Love, Papa

Brittany said...

Oh Amanda! He is such a handsome little man! I LOVE those curls! Who does that come from? You or Jared? Hope you are doing well! Im coming into town in a few weeks. Lets do lunch or somethin!! :)