Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer time

We have had such a fun week!! We have had some beautiful weather this week and have taken full advantage of it. My dad found the most amazing new park. The playground equipment is state of the art and the best part is the spray zone!! It entertains Connor for so long and the best part is its FREE FUN!! I am excited for all of the new fun stuff Connor will get to do this Summer. Last Summer he was still to little to fully enjoy the perks of living in California in the summer time. His first new thing of the Summer was his very own Rite Aid ice cream cone. He's shared with me before, but this time he got his very own. I put my OCD to the side and he actually did really good with it. My mom sat in the back with him just in case though!! We have gone to the park like everyday this week and on Wednesday we were lucky to have Connor's buddy Erek come with us too!! Im so glad Connor has such a good little buddy from church! Plus I love hanging out with his mamma!! Im so glad that Connor gets to hang out with Erek so much and I get to spend time with EmaLee!! It's nice to have a friend who just gets you. Connor and I were lucky to find you guys!!


Breanne said...

Okay, you must take me to this park when we move there!

I love Connor's swimming trunks!

EmaLee said...

I love these pictures! Erek and I are really glad to have you and Conner too. We have a lot of fun together and I think our boys actually like playing with each other! Well, when Erek shares. :)