Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Beach Trip

Now that Connor is walking, which by the way I hate. Well I Guess hate is a strong word. We decided we would let him go walk around on the sand. He loved it!!! Myself on the other hand, I hate the beach. I know, what kind of California girl am I. Its just I hate sand. It gets everywhere and its hard to clean. But i knew Connor would love it. So I put my OCD to the side and we went. If we wouldn't have stopped him he would have ran right into the water. He loves to be in water. Which I am very excited we have a pool for the Summer. Pools I can do, no sand. It was fun though to watch him play in the sand and pick up rocks and try pick up sea weed (I do draw the line there) He was way to distracted to get any good pictures so these were the best of the worst.

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Roundy Clan said...

The last picture is sooooo cute!