Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers day

So I like to celebrate any kind of holiday or birthday to the fullest, so my Mothers day started today. It was such a wonderful day!! I was able to go to my brother Mikeys play today Pirates of Penzance. It was so amazing and mikey was awesome. He had tons of solos and really was the star. I was a very proud momma. I know mikey isn't my son but he is my baby boy. Jared stayed home with Connor and I went with my mom. My mom is my best friend so its always fun to do things just me and her. Who doesn't like one on one time with there mommy??? After I was informed that Connor was "freaking out" in the words of Jared, I rushed home. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Connor and shopping. Jared was so sweet to me this year. He got me the new Juicy Couture perfume I love and than let me go pick out a new purse. I have buyers remorse about everything i buy so i typically never get anything for myself. So it was nice to get such nice stuff. I can't believe that this is my second Mothers day already. Last year Connor was only a month old and now this Mothers day he's running everywhere and I mean running. Being a mommy is the greatest hardest thing I could ever be doing with my life and am so grateful I have Connor. He is my whole world. I love that I'm the only one to get him to go to bed. I love that he kisses me out of the blue on his own. I love watching him grow. Needless to say I LOVE CONNOR!!!
Pictures we took tonight
I love the face he is giving me
My perfume and purse from my boys


Amy said...

You are such a wonderful mom to Connor! Those are such cute pics of both of you!

NanaPapa said...

Thanks for being such a fabulous Mom to Connor and great wife to our Jared. Happy Mother's Day to you! We love and appreciate all your do for your precious family. Always remember that we love you!!