Saturday, May 16, 2009

Really Barney

So all of you know I love TV. I am a reality TV junky and cant ditch the goofy teeny bopper shows. So I have been anticipating the day that Connor would actually watch a TV show. I happen to really enjoy the kids shows that are out there. some of them are so cute and pretty educational. One day, by chance Barney was on and that was it, Connor was hooked. He loves it. Me on the other hand, Barney drives me nuts. But when Connor hands you the remote and says baba what can you do. Connor says baba for everything he wants. Thank goodness for DVR we record Barney everyday and end up watching it about 6 times through out the day. I try other shows and he has no interest in them at all. Maybe someday before for now its the purple dinosaur for the Burtons.

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Roundy Clan said...

I hear ya. I always said we would never do the Wiggles and guess what? It happened and now we have Wiggles DVD's, books, sheets, bowls, plates....all sorts of Wiggles stuff. And as far as the DVR goes, we have 100 hours and about 70 of it is full of Ty stuff. I dont get to use the TV unless he is napping!