Saturday, October 17, 2009

Playing catch up

So much has happened sense I last posted. The most exciting news is that we moved in to a big apartment!!!! It is so much better. Connor has his own big boy room and we are loving the fact that all of Connor's toys now have a home too.
Connor is amazing!! I can't believe that he is already 18 months old. At his check up he weighed 27 lbs and was 34 inches long. She said that he is perfectly balanced with his weight and height but that he was the size of a two year old. We are working on the talking thing but so far everything is ball and daddy. I found the best park ever and we go there at least once a day sometimes twice. I hated going to the park before I found this one. It is all gated in so Connor cant escape, which is a plus because he is a runner. The best part though is there is no sand and no wood chips. Instead they use this like this bouncy asphalt stuff. Its amazing and so nice to not leave the park all sandy and with wood chips all in your hair. He is super active and keeps me on my toes. He loves Elmo right now and can't get enough of Elmo's world and sesame street. We can't wait for Christmas so we have an excuse to buy all the things he wants and needs.
As for me I am doing great. I am already half way through my semester of school. It is going really well and so far I have A's. Hopefully I can keep that up!!! Jared is doing really well too. He is very excited about the Dodgers right now. He is the biggest dodgers fan and they are doing really well in the play offs. I hope they win because that would make for such a happy husband. He has already reminded me that in a few weeks the lakers start playing again which means basketball, baseball and football will all be on in the Burton house.
He looks like such a big boy in his skull and cross bone jammies

It is kind of a funny picture but he is just such a happy baby
The Burtons

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