Thursday, February 18, 2010

sea world

We were so lucky to have Jared's dad and Margie took us to Sea World on Monday. Its buy a day get the year free so Jared and Connor got that and they were so nice and bought me the next package up, which is a two year pass and includes parking and discounts on food and additional tickets!!! Its weird to think that when that expires I will have an almost 4 year old.
Well my almost 2 year old did GREAT!!! I was really worried that he was going to have a hard time sense I have a hard time taking him to the grocery store. He only had a few moments of unhappiness and the rest of the time he was great!!!!


alex said...

i can't believe how big he is! AND LOOK AT THAT CURLY HAIR!! so adorable!

Kristy Lou said...

I love his hair!! So cute!! Glad you guys had fun!!