Wednesday, October 15, 2008

to blog or not to blog

I swear i really do want to keep up with this. I just need to figure out how to do it and make it cute.
We were abel to go up to LA this weekend and see family. We took this picture while we were there. Its crazy how big Connor is getting!
Connor is amazing. He is very active, always wanting to be down on the ground crawling and playing with his toys. We were just looking at his baby pictures and we can't believe how big he is.
At his 6 month check up his height was off the charts at 29 and3/4 inches and weighing in at 18 lbs. He is just such a good baby. He loves all food. we still arent slepping through the night, but he does pretty good.
Tomorrow should be really fun we are going to Anahiem to meet up with Jareds really good friend Katie and her cute boy Tyler. I should have pictures from that for tomorrow.
Are last update is that we are finally moving Dec. 1st!!!!! I have loved living with my parents but I am so ready to be in my own place with all my stuff.

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Amy said...

Love that picture of you guys! That's so exciting that you get to be the queen of your own home again! We would love to help with the move.