Thursday, July 7, 2011

too much

So, too much has gone on to actually get caught up on my blog so here goes another recap post of life. Summer has been great so far. Its so nice having Jared home during the day with us. I was getting pretty burnt out on Jared leaving at 7:00am and not getting home til midnight. Hopefully Jared is going to be getting a promotion at work so he wont have to be going back to his morning job after summer!!!
The highlight of Connor's life right now is swimming. He loves it and we have almost been everyday for the past month. Are pool is heated so even before we had this hot summer weather we were already going to the pool. He is really a good little swimmer and I have to bribe him when its time to get. he just got really good at jumping in and going under the water.
We have been making good use of are sea world passes and having a lot of fun. We have been going to the free movies at the krikorian on Tuesday mornings. It gets pretty crowded but Connor loves to go to the movie and who can really complain about free.
Im still dieting away. I have lost 52 lbs now. It's so weird how the brain works. back in January when I started this I would have been thrilled with the thought of losing 52 lbs. Now that i've done that it still doesnt feel like enough. Which brings me to my problem. When is enough enough??? I have been dwelling on this a lot lately, when will I be happy with where im at. I keep saying in 5 more lbs all be done but than once those are off I wont 5 more off. I feel like strictly from a height and weight perspective I should still lose 10 more. Blah Blah Blah. Enough about that. I am really proud of myself.
Life is good and I am so blessed.

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