Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Boy Taylor

My sister Emily gave birth to the sweetest baby boy on Friday night. I would tell you his name but they are still undecided. Stephanie, Brandon me and Mikey went up to the hospital last night to see the baby and he is so snuggly. Jared and Connor were going to come too, but kids under 12 had to be siblings so I got to go childless and snuggle a newborn baby. I know tough night. It almost gave me baby pains. A lady at church today did a huge guilt trip on me on how im being so selfish and not having a baby now. People really need to mind there own business. I know how old Connor is and I have it under control.
Emily was a total rockstar and sense this was baby number 6 her labor went so fast that she didn't have time to get an epuderial so it was all natural. Not even pain meds in her IV. Her and the baby are doing great and were all just waiting in anticipation to know this little guys name.

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