Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I know worst blogger of the world... Every time I blog its always just an update of what has gone on the past month or so, instead of an actual journal of important things that I never want to forget. So I am motivated again to start documenting LIFE. The good the bad and everything in between. So instead of doing a recap of the month of April I just want to start with today. Today has been a good normal day. Connor is in a pre school group and tomorrow is my day to be in charge. We highlight a letter of the week and kind of base all the activities off of that. The letter is "H" tomorrow so I have been consumed with trying to creatively incorporate H into 2 hours of fun and education for six 3 and 4 olds. On top of that Will (the little boy I babysit) is at the age were he is in to EVERYTHING!!! So as soon as I get started on something I have to stop and see what Will has gotten himself into.
Connor today has been pretty good. Typical day for him. Stephanie was over today and we both kind of laughed at how unique Connor is. First off his hair. I love his curls more than anything, but when he wakes up in the morning he has CRAZY hair. All he needs is to stick a comb in it and he would be set. Secondly he is oddly polite. I don't think I am an impolite person but I definitely could work on that. Connor however, says no thank you all the time, please mama and oops a daisy at least 15 times a day. I really don't know where he picked it up. Another thing is he usually calls me babe. Jared has always called me babe and Connor has caught on and now typically refers to me as "my babe." He has already had 2 baths today just because he loves them. He hates to be dirty and doesn't really like it when other kids are dirty either.
I guess I should update everyone on my weight loss. It has consumed my whole life for the past 3 months but I am really proud as well. As of Saturday I have lost 42 lbs. I am so proud but really I have a hard time with it all. I worry if I actually look like I've lost 42 lbs. I stress that so many people have noticed that I CANT gain the weight back. I am trying so hard to just enjoy what I have accomplished and really make this a life style change. People have asked me how I lost it all and honestly I had to break up with food. I love food. But the only way I was ever going to have success was if I broke up with food. I have about 10 more lbs to go until I hit my goal weight. It was liberating to clean out my closet and get rid of everything that was too big. I am slowly rebuilding up my wardrobe and trying to rebuild up my self esteem.
We are getting family pictures taken next Saturday so I guess that's when I will post a picture of how I am looking. But even that gives me anxiety. Here's a few pictures because I know a post without pictures is just boring. The first two are in case we aren't facebook friends and you didn't see the adorable pictures Breanne took of Connor. We love Breanne and you should too. Check out her Blog she is amazing

My boys at Sea World taking a break. Jared takes Connor to sea worls at least twice a month
Connor loves two things helping me cook and pancakes so these are from tonight him making his pancakes for dinner

This is the only good birthday picture I have but here is Connor and Luke twin cousins on there birthday


Kristy Lou said...

What a cute boy Connor is!! And congrats on your weight loss!! That is so awesome and I need to do the same thing, but like the song says...breaking up is hard to do. :)

Roundy Clan said...

Holy cow 42 pounds so amazing! That is so awesome!!!