Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers day...

I had the best mothers day and was completely spoiled by my boys. I love being a mom and as much as I complain and get grumpy, it has really been the most amazing 3 years of my life. On Saturday we went out on a girls night/almost having a baby/mothers day date with my mom and 3 of my sisters. My sister Emily is almost due with baby number 6. She is literally supermom and she handles her 5 almost 6 kids better than I handle my 1. She is just like my mom and nothing stresses her out. Or at least she is a great faker. SO we wanted to take her out before the baby came and we figured we could count it as a mother's day date with are mom too. I have no words for how amazing my mom is. There's no one better in the world!! Enough said:)
We went to souplantation and than went and saw Something Borrowed, which was super cute and I highly recommend it. Here are a few pictures because really I know that's all people really care about.
We all laughed really hard when we saw how this picture turned out, because we all really think we look good it. THe funny thing is that a ridiculously good looking waiter took it for us so we all did are best job to smile good for him.
This is what my boys got me: a box of see's, a macys giftcard so I can go get my MAC makeup and my special present was Von Zipper sunglasses that Jared got me.
Later that day on Sunday we went over to my Uncle's house because we all chipped in and got my Grandma an Ipad. I know most grandmas aren't cool enough for an Ipad but mine is and she was so excited when she opened it up. This picture is of Connor and my cousin Toby. They sat like this outside for so long together. Toby is my cousin and we were best friends growing up and were even in a spy club together. He is so sweet with Connor and I thought it was so cute them sitting and talking about life together.

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